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I am a jeweler, maker of piles and collector of anything old, rusty and beautiful. I have what seems to be an innate character flaw in not being able to tolerate injustice or chronic makes me very cranky. That said, I strive everyday to be a better citizen of this planet, to make a difference in at least one person's life in the time I'm here, to honor my artistic tendencies and stop picking up strays (two or four legged).


Jewelry, orchids, travelling, architectural salvage, old books, daisies, vintage photographs, baby doll heads, finding innovative ways to use everyday materials in art, enamelling, photography, baking (I know, I know), history of object and place, yoga, running, Vespa's, silent film stars, B movies ( possible even C movies...the campier, the better),reading anything and everything...ok I"m bored with this. If I don't like something or someone...I'll tell you. Otherwise, we're all good here.